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With a motorized shade from SW Sun Control, your deck or patio will be transformed into a beautiful “outdoor room” where you and your family will love to spend time. It’s a great place to entertain guests, eat, or simply kick back and relax. And since a SW Sun Control gives you far more coverage than a tippy patio umbrella, it will give your children and pets a great sheltered area to play outside. You’ll enjoy your time outdoors more than ever before.

Having a SW Sun Control shade is like having outdoor air conditioning – it can be up to 20 degrees cooler underneath. And by blocking the UV rays before they penetrate your home, SW Sun Control helps prevent fading of indoor rugs, drapes, and furniture, reduces glare, and you may save up to 25-40% on cooling costs!

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Standard Exterior Sun Shade

The Standard Exterior Retractable Sun Shade is a high quality, custom built retractable exterior shade. The Standard Sun Shade can be ordered up to 14’ wide and 12’ tall. This shade is perfect to shade outdoor areas, windows and doors and is designed to be used in mildly breezy conditions.

Sun Control Awnings & Shades Lincoln NE
Sun Control Awnings & Shades Omaha NE

Heavy Duty Exterior Sun Shade

The Heavy Duty Exterior Retractable Sun Shade is a custom built heavy duty exterior sun shade and is built with the highest quality components of any exterior shade. The HD Sun Shade can be operated with a gear or motor and is perfect to shade larger outdoor areas, windows and doors. The HD is the ultimate choice to protect you and your belongings from the elements.

Sun Control Awnings & Shades Omaha NE

Elite Exterior Sun Shade

The HD Magnetic Lock System is a custom built exterior shade that uses magnets installed at the ends of the bottom bar to hold the fabric tight and reduce movement in windy conditions.

The HD Fabric Retention Track Shade is a custom built exterior shade installed with a track that holds the fabric inside the track. This system not only provides shade, but also will completely enclose an area keeping out insects, critters, dirt and weather.

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