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Ultimate Garage & Storage was started in the summer of 2016 by Dave Warneke and Gene Hiatt.

The company was started with the focus of continuing to perfect the interior of your garage to make the space enjoyable and customized to take full advantage. A majority of people under-utilize the numerous opportunities to personalize their garage to their liking, and at the same time enjoy a cleaner, more organized and updated area to enjoy activities in.

Ultimate Garage & Storage specializes in garage storage and cabinet systems, SunSetter Awnings and shades, garage floor coatings, garage door screens, and slat wall organizing construction. We also Partner with Raynor Doors of Nebraska to help you have a chance to pick out the nicest garage doors on the block.

Our staff is dedicated to helping you understand the possibilities that can be achieved when it comes to having the nicest, most updated and most organized garage on the block. Your garage is one of the largest areas in your house. Take full advantage of it today!

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